Monday, March 06, 2006

last wednesday i enacted a new "senior skip day" policy, which entails me shirking responsiblities in response to being denied for a job (probably because i spent four years shirking responsibilities). i went to work, but left at noon because "i had to write a sonnet." this "sonnet" ended up being a crappy poem in the style of yeats, which i turned in via email because instead of going to poetry class at three, i got on the 61C and spent a few hours walking around barnes and noble in squirrel hill. this is what i do when i get sad; i walk around bookstores, then i buy books i can't afford. alicia called, and we got some Dr Peppers and $1 slices of pieces from "the american deli," or really, "that deli next to cumpie's." if you haven't had this delightful treat yet, i suggest you do. they should probably rename atwood street "pizza street" or something more clever but equally indicative of the wide selection of pizza you can purchase on that street. antoon's, sorrento's and dollar slices. mmm.

while i was perusing the shelves of the barnes & noble reference section, i stumbled upon a book of lists. intrigued, i flipped through and was caught by this headline: "Sean Connery's Eleven Favorite Movies." among them were a bunch of titles that seem like movies you would pick as your favorite if you were purposely trying not be predictable and list obvious choices. and wouldn't you know it? number eleven on sean's list was "Finding Forrester." not only did he overlook some of the more likely choices for "best sean connery movie" (such as one of his bond appearances, the hunt for red october, that one with catherine zeta-jones...ok clearly i don't know anything about sean connery movies but you catch my drift), but he also chose to put the movie starring himself last on the list. obscure taste and modesty...what a guy.

ok clearly that didn't really happen. the list only had ten movies and finding forrester wasn't one of them. however, i like to imagine a world in which sean connery would make a list of his eleven favorite movies, not ten, and that list would include finding forrester.

boston in two days...i'm pumped. alicia and i watched elizabethtown, then decided we would try to find odd roadside attractions along the route from pittsburgh to boston. so far the most exciting one is the coffee-pot-shaped building, which is unfortunately too far out of the way. also of interest are the crayola factory and the world's largest glacial pothole. so we'll see how that turns out.

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