Monday, April 03, 2006

plenty of things have happened since i last posted in this thing. i forget 80% of them. however, i will give you the cliffs notes version of what i can remember.

boston: best trip ever. some memories include: inventing the reverse birth sexual position, shooting the stink eye and tossing the skank eye, ordering a coors light at cheers because i am an idiot, dancing the "irish jig," throwing up after three yeunglings and a shot of southern comfort, peeing in the sand on the beach, hotel parties with kindhearted yet sleepy asians, mark's disappearing acts, moments of magical realism in boston commons (watching ice skaters in 70 degree weather), the doors as a motif, searching for an hour for wendy's, sitting outside a shady green door while the boys visited fenway park, riding the subway for the first time ever, alicia puking inside a bed, bath and beyond, nicknames nobody liked, and many other things i cannot remember but i wish i could.

it was pretty much the best time ever and i wish i could go back.

some other noteworthy events of march include: watching lots of basketball and mash while drinking PBR, a metaphysics test which i either failed miserably or aced but it's still up in the air, formal where i went from stone sober to puking drunk in record time (best tasting lethal punch ever), drinking on more weeknights than is really responsible and not feeling bad about it whatsoever.

i have become somewhat of a basketball fan recently, and i am very disappointed that LSU did not advance to the championship game. i have learned in life that the team i root for hardly ever wins. in fact, i can think of only one time that a team i like has won, and it was two months ago when the steelers won the superbowl. for instance, i always root for the "red team" on real world/road rules challenges. most of the time, this is the real world team. for the gauntlet II, it was the veterans team. the red team always loses. after pitt lost to bradley i resigned myself to feeling mostly unconcerned with the turnout of the rest of the tournament. then i caught some sort of interview on TV featuring LSU's team, and i decided glen davis is pretty much my favorite athletic personality in recent history. he just sat there with the dumbest look on his face. also, they showed clips of him dancing after a win wearing a yellow feather boa. he is more or less, as alicia said, an SNL character waiting to be born. anyone with a sense of humor should have rooted for LSU. unfortunately, that didn't pan out, and now we have florida and ucla. neither team has such potential for hilarity. all we have is ben howland and that guy that plays for florida with the hair. so when does baseball season start?

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