Sunday, April 23, 2006

it's 5am, alicia and i are up late after a rousing random saturday. we began our day in shadyside at dean's, where alicia got a haircut. she may or may not have led the hairdresser to believe that i was her girlfriend, so that's good. we then waited for maybe forty minutes at the bus stop on craig street where we saw approx 9 billion couples enjoying late-afternoon dates. on the way there, a creepy man sidled up next to us as we walked down neville street and attempted to pick alicia up. however, he did not show the dedication to his endeavor that i think was necessary, as he mumbled most of his words. he asked us if we go bar hopping and if he could buy us a drink. then he asked if we wanted to go to a party -- but this invitation was after he already walked across the street away from us, so i'm surprised it made it the distance it did considering his volume problems.

we spent some time at barnes and noble (the highlight being the man we saw with a shirt that read "i am NOT a dinosaur") and ate dinner at eat n park. it was decided that i will attempt to get a job at the squirrel hill eat n park so i can hook alicia up with the hot waiter who checked her out at the salad bar and tossed her the skank eye while we waited to pay our check at the register. our next stop was alicia's apartment. as we walked through the parking lot, we stumbled upon my friend ian from high school. this is probably the weirdest oakland sighting i've ever had. i had not seen ian in about two years, so i was quite giddy. he doesn't even live in oakland so it's kinda weird to just run into him in the middle of a hospital parking lot. he invited us to his senior film showing at point park next weekend, which will probably be a ridiculously awkward high-school reunion. it was nice to see him, though.

spur of the momently we decided to go to buckhead's saloon with dan ruef and craig. it turned out to be horribly boring. we decided in the future to refer to this bar as "meathead's" because there were many meatheads in attendance, with their lack of necks and popped-collar shirts. the cover artist of the night played a bon jovi song and alicia got mad because she dislikes bon jovi. i drank two rolling rocks. mmm. we left, walked to downtown to catch a bus, but not before alicia called mark. he was at the matrix, and we would have gone in but the cover was $8 which is TRULY OUTRAGEOUS. so we came home. i passed out for maybe two hours, woke up, and here we are.

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