Wednesday, March 12, 2008

conversation with pete

so pete and i are chatting about ancient drama, nothing worth going into, but it brought up an interesting question. i guess it's almost a trite topic to debate but i've been thinking about it lately. how well do you really know someone?

my argument is that no matter what you think you know about someone, you don't ever really know them - you know what they let you know. despite hours of conversation, deep secrets revealed, the ability to complete sentences, it could be only a slice of the pie that they've carefully chosen to reveal.

i mean, think about it - is there anyone who knows every single about you? your best friend, your boy/girlfriend, your brother or sister, your parents? i doubt it. and if there is, it's because you let them, you chose to tell them everything.

how can you ever be sure what percentage you're getting? what criteria allow you to sleep at night? is it "oh, they are my best friend, they wouldn't hide anything from me." or "we've been dating for a year and a half. he's not that kind of person, she would never lie to me, blah blah blah..."

i think you'd be surprised. and isn't it just when you think you've got someone pegged, they slip up and allow one of the things they've chosen to bury surface?

the opposite argument, from pete: "all secrets stink. and eventually they all rise."

i'm not sure. flip through all the files in your head of the things you know about the people around you. then think about what they know about you. think the files are complete?

do you think you know what you're getting yourself into?

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