Saturday, March 08, 2008

i'd follow you down but not that far

in an effort to counteract itune's trenchant attack on my ability to withstand repetition, i've decided to bombard it with new music. by mathematical odds, if i put enough songs that are a.) good and b.) new, itunes will be forced to stop playing the crap it usually plays.

today, as a law-abiding "internetizen" (a portmanteau of internet + citizen! I'M CLEVER.), among other downloads, i fairly exchanged 11.28 American Dollars for the privilege of listening to and burning up to ten times "20th century masters: the millenium collection: gin blossums."

this brings up a few issues. first of all, from what i could surmise on itunes, the gin blossums had one album. but guess how many greatest hits albums they had? no less than two. is it me or does this seem a bit out of proportion?

but anyway, who doesn't love the gin blossums? there are at least six excellent songs out of eleven, that among these:

hey jealousy
follow you down
til i hear it from you
allison road
found out about you
until i fall away

ALL of those songs are amazing. and you have to figure, for a band that only put on one or maybe two albums, to have six hits is some pretty excellent batting.

i love the gin blossums for one reason only, the same reason the two-disc "buzz" compilation album is one of my favorites: nostalgia. the ages of about 10-15 or 16, for whatever reason, were the most impressionable on me as far as music goes. the gin blossums feel like the mid-nineties, and the mid-nineties were when i was "growing up." which means the gin blossums feel like growing up. they will always be perfect.

so i'm going to go rock out and try to rage against the party shuffle. fun game: see if you can spot the place in this entry that is influenced by the language style of the declaration of independence!


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