Monday, February 13, 2006

Aw man. it's 1:35 and I have to be at work at 9 tomorrow morning. too many things are weighing on my brain right now to sleep...such as, homework, doing my teach for america application, completing my myspace profile. priorities! i read a sweet little ditty by peter van ingwagen (yeah i probably spelled his name wrong but i don't feel like going in the living room, searching through my folder and correcting it) about fatalism -- which is different from determinsim, but i'm not quite sure how. also i read some crappy manuscripts of my fellow senior seminar classmates. not that i think i'm better, but that doesn't change the fact that some of them were painful to read. last but not least i read this essay by george orwell which made me feel like i abuse the english language daily. namely, he would discourage the use of the phrase "last but not least." so clearly, i learned something.

today we had pinning for the alpha deltas. the most exciting part of that was tossing the football in G24 with the andrews. also, i let alicia eat my chili from wendy's. she spilled some on her shirt and blamed it on the fact that i grabbed a fork instead of a spoon at the condiment counter. who says you can't eat chili with a fork? i submit that you can. the best part was alicia's ensuing date, which she now had to go to with a chili stain on her white shirt. the whole situation raises the question: does she go home and change the shirt, or wear the shirt on the date and make a joke out of it? i would opt for the joke. because if the date turns out to be awkward, it gives you maybe 30 seconds of automatic material. then maybe you could take the conversation towards times you've spilled things on yourself. obviously, i'd make a horrible date.

i'm finding it really hard to care this semester. maybe it's senioritis, i don't know. i'm ready for the "schooling" part of my life to wrap up. i came home and anthony was back. we ate some eggplant and vegetable concoction he made, which was pretty good (way better than cheesy chicken), and talked about going to see his sister and her husband in erie this weekend. it's odd, but it just occured to me that i've never been to erie. after all that excitement, alicia and i talked on the phone about boys for maybe a half an hour. my life is full of substance.

retrospectively, last week was maybe the best week ever. the steelers won the superbowl. i love the steelers, but it's hard to imagine what it would be like for the team you root for to win the superbowl (especially if they haven't in your lifetime). i believed it could happen, but i guess i didn't think it actually would. it's surreal. on thursday, my senior seminar professor complemented "my work thus far," allowing me to ignore for a few days the recurring feeling that i am a horrible writer. also, alicia and i peer pressured mark into having a party. he had one that included a keg of natty ice and you know what happens when natty ice is around. today we found out that alicia locked herself in the bathroom for twenty minutes. mark had to break in with a screwdriver. none of us had any idea about those events until today. the best memories are the ones you don't really remember.

ok that made no sense. peace!

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