Thursday, February 16, 2006

today was magnificent. it was beautiful; 60 degrees and raining, but it was okay because a few weeks ago i found a red umbrella in the second floor cathedral bathroom.

some notable events of the day:

for lunch, alicia and i dined at the five star 7-eleven on the corner. alicia bought v8, which is by far the worst idea for a juice ever. i had never had v8 before, but i was against it in theory; vegetables in a blender doesn't even sound appealing. upon trying it, i hated it more. it is essentially cold tomato soup. tomato soup is not even good hot, or lukewarm, or whatever temperature you prefer your soup.

i had a hot dog and some turner's iced tea. usually i prefer this particular iced tea in the carton, but they didn't have that; so i opted for the quart-sized jug. this has become my new favorite way to enjoy beverages; it has enough capacity to last all day, and it is very convenient to carry (instead of using your whole hand, you need only curl one finger through the handle).

metaphysics was wonderful today. from 4-5:15, i could not have been happier to listen to cian dorr talk about the ship of theseus. if you are wondering if something can remain the same if some of its parts are changed, i implore you to ask yourself this question: is journey really still journey with that fake steve perry? the answer is no. steve perry is journey; they got another guy named steve, but it isn't the same.

the highlight of metaphysics, however, was when our professor cian dorr used the word "wonky." george and i nearly died, for this is the best word ever. cian dorr was cool before; he looks and acts a lot like mick jagger. but wonky! after that, i couldn't even concentrate.

matt participated in deepher dude tonight. he didn't place, but we all had a good time cheering for him. we also had a good time proving that being in an honors fraternity does not necessarily mean you have good morals by making fun of the other contestants loudly whenever possible. the volleyball boys behind us got real irritated.

for these reasons (and others), today was a GREAT DAY. woooo!

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