Tuesday, February 14, 2006

valentine's day! i figured out why valentine's day bothers the single folk. it's not really the day itself, or the not having a date thing. because i don't have a date any other day of the year soooo it wouldn't be rational to be sad on a singular day. honestly, if i had to, i could just ignore the fact that it is even february 14th. that was my plan -- until, ALL DAY, people were walking around with their instruments of love hangin out all over the place. a bunch of flowers, balloons (carried in a plastic shopping bag so as to avoid escape), stuffed animals, a rose in a plastic box (and, come one, who are you impressing with that? if i got that, all it would say to me is that you do the majority of your shopping at the ghetto eagle). it isn't not having a valentine that bother's me; it's reminders, every few minutes, all day long that everyone else is getting a special valentine's surprise and i'm not.

so around dinnertime tonight, i was waiting for alicia in mcdonalds (our classy hetero lifemate valentine's date). i'm sitting there without food at a restaurant, so i'm looking around awkwardly, trying not to stare at anyone. mission failed because this kid came in, tall, blonde hair, good looking...he caught my eye so i did that thing where you purposely don't look at someone and it makes it even more obvious that you were staring at them in the first place. unfortunately he had a valentine's balloon-in-a-bag in his hand, so oh well. he walks up to the counter and orders two double cheeseburgers to go. my first thought is some lucky girl is getting a balloon and a double cheeseburger for valentine's day. he collects his burgers and somehow our eyes meet again, and he has this "quit looking at me" look on his face, so now i feel real stupid. but, all of a sudden he's at my table. "there is a girl who goes to pitt who looks exactly like you." he proceeds to tell me that i look like a girl named ingrid, and that i should look her up on the facebook. "i almost came up and said 'hi ingrid!'" and that was that.

alicia arrived and we had our dollar menu meals. a crazy man with a green thermos came in and made a beeping noise. we thought he might be friends with the mcdonalds worker, but decided he wasn't when he started talking to his reflection in the window. later, a man wearing a shirt that read "gangsta as fuck" referred to green thermos man as a "band-aid smellin' mother fucker." we couldn't decide if he meant that the man smelled like band-aids or if he was fond of smelling band-aids.

mcdonald's is the best.

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