Tuesday, December 18, 2007

i don't have much to say today. i've been thinking a lot lately that i really wish i had my guitar here. in retrospect, i could have easily left an entire suitcase of clothes at home and brought my guitar instead. i might try to find a cheap used one somewhere, just to play while i'm here.

i barely touched it last year, which i regret. i wish i could learn to have a better work ethic about things. i don't have any talents. there are so many things i "want" to be good at, but i'm just not a hard enough worker. i think i expect to be good at things without effort, and if i'm not, i get frustrated and give up. obviously this is a negative quality to have if you want to be successful at something.

i have so much time here that i waste. maybe if i had my guitar, and it was the only thing i had left to do, i'd practice.

actually... probably not. i'd probably still take naps.

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