Saturday, December 22, 2007

saturday, bored.

i spent the whole day inside. i woke up at 10, read a little, ate some soup for lunch, sat around some more, took a nap, took a shower. you cannot imagine how boring it is to be alone in a strange city with no internet, tv, or way to watch movies. i guess i could go out and "do something" but its really cold, and i kinda don't feel like it. it's the first day of christmas break, which i think is suitable only for loafing around. but i couldn't stand being inside anymore so i went to use the internet.

so i'm sitting in this little cafe, called reporter's, that's nextdoor to my apartment. it just opened maybe two weeks ago. it's pretty cool inside, but i don't think anyone knows about it because i'm always the only one in here. the barkeep speaks english a little, so basically the two of us just sit in silence while i use the internet and he texts on his phone or reads. he usually puts music on. (today, i think the same song played for 20 minutes). it's the kind of situation where you would usually talk with the other person or else it would be super awkward, but its not for us, because we do not share a common language. so we both mind our own business, which is nice.

today, however, i'm not alone at reporter's. i'd been here for 45 minutes or so by myself, and then this older gentlemen came in. i've never seen anyone else come in that didn't know the person working at the time, so i assume that the only other patrons are friends of the business. he started speaking to the barkeep. after a while, though, the barkeep stopped listening. he came back over and sat at the computer like he usually does while this guy kept yapping away -- which leads me to believe this guy is a crazy drunk.

the guy kept talking at him, and he'd answer occasionally, sometimes even walking over to the bar to chat.
sidebar: that song that played for 20 minutes earlier just started again! he must love it.
anyway, so the guy kept talking and then started motioning to me. he said something to the barkeep, who replied in czech "she speaks english."

then the weird guy went: "anglicky! anglicky! you speak english?" to me. i said yes. he said "so you are english?" and i said "no, i'm from the united states."

"oh!! the united states! so, ac/dc and judas priest!"

i pretended i couldn't understand him, but he definitely asked me something about ad/dc and judas priest. presumably he wanted to say that he either knew they were american bands (and actually i think ad/dc are from australia, right?) or that they were bands he thought i'd like.

i just sorta shrugged. he made a motion like "oh, nevermind." then just kept yapping away.

so, two other guys just came in, and they all seem to know each other. i'm kinda nervous and actually really, really glad i can't speak czech, because i can just sit here and eavesdrop on them.

i'm so bored.

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something to make fun of myself for later said...

yeah and judas priest is from england. this crazy drunk needs to do his 80's hard rock band research.