Friday, December 21, 2007

pitt basketball memories!

yesterday, i learned how to use titles. i couldn't figure it out. turns out you have to turn them on...
i'm smart.

pitt beat duke!

i don't know about everyone at pitt, but is this the "same old, same old" story - where pitt does really well in the preseason, only to disappoint in the tournament - or is this year different? i want to say beating duke is a pretty big deal, regardless if it was only by one point in overtime. i haven't seen any pitt games this season, so they could be playing like shit for all i know.

i guess there's always a year when a team surprises you. sometimes it takes 15 years (and counting - for the pirates), but pitt has been strong for ...what... 5 or 6 seasons now?

it seems like every year has been marked by some sort of failure instead of triumph. i can still remember freshman or sophomore year (not sure -- i guess i can't remember that well after all), donatas zavakis whining on the sideline as pitt lost prematurely in the tournament. i think they got to the sweet sixteen? who knows.

remember when yuri demetris punched his girlfriend in the face? i wonder whatever happened to him.

chris taft looked like snoop dog and/or plaxico burress.

carl krauser was never as good as brandin knight.

2 years ago, the scoreboard on the TV during pitt's matchup with bradley in the second round read "BRAD PITT."

i hope this is the year for pitt basketball. jamie dixon deserves it, if nothing else. i'd be kinda sad to miss it because campus will be out of control. go pitt!

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