Sunday, February 24, 2008

got nothing to do today but smile

i had quite a biting rant prepared on becoming legally employed in the EU (which i'm certain will resurface at some point, probably this week when lucka finds yet another way to delay my application for a work permit), but i suddenly find myself devoid of all negative feeling.

this sunday afternoon, february 23, 2008, it is 61 degrees farenheit in prague, which almost certainly has to be a lie - i would put it at at least 70 degrees. it's by far the warmest and most pleasant day i can remember since i've been here. almost immediately upon our arrival in september it was cold, chilly and rainy everyday and it only got colder.

it hasn't exactly been a cold winter, but it's been cold enough. (apparently, this october and november were colder on average than december and january were. one of my students told me this and i can't really be bothered to look it up; just take my word that its more or less true). the two times i can actually remember thinking "boy it is fucking cold" were the week leading up to and surrounding christmas, and last week.

otherwise it's been positively balmy.

i was on my way to use the internet at jama. i made it a few blocks down krizikova and realized i had left our windows open and thought it might be prudent, given the robbery a few weeks back, to close them. on my way i figured, why not try the internet in the park?

which has led to the greatest idea i've had in weeks, though not really revolutionary -- get a beer at the potraviny and use the internet in the park. lovely!

i don't think i've been in a better mood in weeks. there are kids rollerblading, people are out on balconies. i walked over to the park on the other side of our apartment building to give the internet a whirl there, and on my way back i almost said out loud "FUCK i'm hot." in a sweatshirt. it's wonderful.

this is my favorite day of the year. almost no one is in a bad mood on the first really warm day. march is probably going to end up being a bitch, but today (and this week at least), you can get a beer, drink it outside (no open container laws! what a utopia the czech republic is) and not really be mad or upset about anything. wonderful.

and meanwhile, it's 15 degrees and snowy in pittsburgh! haha.

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something to make fun of myself for later said...

6:30 a.m.-first morning in Pittsburgh

Snowstorm over the night. Icy roads. Freezing temperatures. Abomidable snowman attacks being reported all over the county.