Friday, February 29, 2008

i love brussel sprouts and other europe revelations

living in europe has caused me to do a lot of things i never considered before. for instance, drinking tea when one is not sick. drinking alone (not tea.) using applicator-less tampons.

i've become a lot more lax in the frequency of taking showers; chances are, if you've skipped one you are still nowhere near as redolent as the better part of the czech population riding the metro on that given day.

today for lunch at school we had "kureci maso" or if you're anglophilic, "chicken meat," rice with veggies mixed in and some sort of gravy sauce. as i was picking through my rice, i saw it: and i panicked. a brussel sprout.

i have never in my life eaten a brussel sprout; in fact, it is the only food i've have been cultured to fear. that's a lie, there's two: brussel sprouts and liver and onions. everyone i've ever met who has had these two foods finds them disgusting. my dad hated brussel sprouts, so we never had them at home, and after i "grew up" it never occurred to me to try them because i was sure i'd hate them.

apparently i was all worked up for nothing because they taste exactly as they look: like tiny balls of lettuce.

i was wondering today what changes my friends at home might notice after not having seen me for almost a year. i don't think i've changed much, but i probably have. maybe i will be out of touch with pittsburgh when i return.

you know, beyond smelling a little funky and having a newfound love for ostracized vegetables.

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