Saturday, February 09, 2008

in holland*, everyone is an expert in paintings and tulips

prague is getting boring. not the city, i suppose (i love it here), but it's just falling into routine. maybe its the time of year or just the current state of my jobs, life, lack of hobbies, etc., but i feel like i'm entering a rut.

on the bright side, there's a light at the end of the tunnel. (what a terrible mixed metaphor)...lori, anna, debs and i are going to amsterdam for the weekend of march 14-16. this will be my first big trip since i've been in europe, which is pathetic and exciting all at once. i don't know what there's to do in amsterdam (other than the obvious, which we will be doing... use your imagination.)

i've decided that enough is enough, i'm going to start spending my money on travelling instead of whatever dumb shit i find to blow my paycheck on here in prague.

we're also pretty certainly going to dublin in june to see radiohead. the tickets are 53 pounds (i can't even make the pound symbol on my computer, thats how expensive they are). how do people in GB live? i have never spent that much on a concert, ever. i don't know if this is what you usually pay but JEEZ. that's around $120. out of control. however, i like radiohead, i want to see dublin, and this is a good excuse to waste that money, i suppose.

(however, i decided recently that i HATE going to concerts. it's always crowded and you don't get anywhere close to the stage. the opening bands are usually crap, unless you get lucky. and the band never plays the songs that everyone wants to hear, they play the songs from whichever album they're promoting, usually the newest. no one wants to hear that crap. so you stand there, barely able to see the band, getting bumped into by obnoxious teenagers, listening to songs you don't even want to hear. lame. dear radiohead, please play high and dry and will be forgiven.)

all other proceeds leftover from the next few months paychecks will be going to the "summer 2008 travelling fund." my educational obligations at both schools are over at the end of june. i want to ride on the trans-siberian railroad, hopefully to beijing (and coincidentally, the olympics will be there this summer... i wonder if that'll coincide?) i was originally planning to fly back to the states from there and be done with my year abroad, but now i'm not so sure.

in a perfect world, i'd like to travel for the two months remaining in the summer (july and august); then, either start a job in a new country (italy? i hope i hope i hope) or go home. i don't know if this is financially possible. i guess we'll see what falls off the truck.

i had this feeling that i needed to see as much as possible in my year in prague, but i suppose thats not true. i was dead set on only being here a year, but i'm not anymore. i'll have plenty of time to get where i want to go - no sense squishing it into 6 months. however, i'm still tired of wasting my weekends not doing much else other than reading, laying around, taking naps and cleaning.

*i thought amsterdam was in the netherlands, and i never realized until i was corrected yesterday that the netherlands and holland are the same place. although, not really - holland is a province IN the netherlands. but for 24 hours, i thought my 16 years of education had failed me at the most basic geography.
also, the title of this blog is from the book "the fall" by albert camus and hopefully i didn't remember it wrong.

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nmtap said...

Radiohead is the best concert I've ever seen (tied with Page & Plant in the late 90s). If I were you, I'd start saving my $120 and pray that they play "Pyramid Song" and "Idioteque."

PS - When I saw them they played just about everything I wanted to hear (if you're interested look up their setlist from Bonnaroo 06).

PPS - Thom Yorke's dancing is the closest thing you will ever see to Ian Curtis' dancing - that alone is worth the ticket price.