Sunday, January 06, 2008

the czech republic's funniest home videos

last night, it finally snowed in prague.

it started late. i was out watching the steelers lose to jacksonville, and when i left the golden star bar at 3:30am it was beginning to settle on the cobblestones. by morning it was a blizzard (by prague standards) and there was three or so inches on the ground. it finally seems like winter.

alicia and i embarked on our journey to meduza for brunch this afternoon around 1. we were walking to the tram stop and at the end of our street, there was a father with his two young sons playing in the snow at the edge of lyckovo namesti. by the way, kids in prague are adorable. as soon as it's october, they're all bundled up in jackets and hats. it's adorable.

so the father was standing to the side with his videocamera, filming his young children enjoying the first major snowfall of winter 2007-8. the boy was just running around, picking up the snow and throwing it, enjoying the cold weather the way kids can that seems to fade as you grow older, the dad happily recording it all.

as we walked through his mise en scene, i started to tell alicia that it would make a good embarassing video for the kid in about 10-12 years. something his parents could show when he brings a girlfriend home for the first time.

before i even finished the sentence, i felt my feet slide from under me and i was on my ass in the snow. the street wasn't plowed and it was slick with snow, and my chucks couldn't handle it. alicia enjoyed the opportunity to laugh heartily at my misfortune.

but the best part was, the kid was right behind me when it happened. so i'm pretty sure the dad had the videocamera pointed in our direction, and as an added bonus to the warm family memories he was capturing, he probably got a good shot of me slipping and falling on my ass.

i love winter.

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