Friday, January 11, 2008

winter vacation

i didn't get to go anywhere for christmas vacation this year, which i was disappointed about. i feel pretty terrible because i've been in europe for a little over four months and i've only made it as far as dresden and vienna.

today i had some time to waste in the bookstore and, as usual, i spent it looking at the lonely planet books. i picked up one for venice and it got me itching to go to italy.

luckily, the paycheck gods have smiled favorably upon me. i got paid more than expected for december at the bell school, so i should have some extra money. i really wanted to go to italy after christmas, but i think instead i'm going to use the "spring break" we get from the elementary school to spend a day or two in a few different cities in italy.

it'll be better than going at christmas because i'll hopefully a.) have more money to spend and b.) get to spend more time there.

i think a lot about how cool it would have been to live in italy for a year. even though i love prague and everything that's happened here since september (except for the refrigerator breaking), i sometimes wish i would have tried harder to find a job there.

so hopefully about a month from now (february 14-21ish) i'll be cruising around italy. i don't have any idea how to start planning but i can't wait.

as usual, looking for travel buddies if anyone is interested...

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