Sunday, January 20, 2008

i take back what i said about the patriots

i am actually rooting for the patriots to win tonight. i never thought i would do this, but it's actually very important for them to make it to the superbowl.

so they can lose.

to the packers.

which would make it one of the best superbowls in recent memory. what better story than this, really?

aging, yet beloved brett favre has taken the packers from worst to first. everyone is caught up in this "perfect season" bullshit, high on tom brady as one of the best quarterbacks ever and the patriots as an unstoppable, dynasty-caliber team. also, everyone has been calling for brett to retire for a few years now. yet he kept playing because he loves the game and he knew in his dear little mississippi soul that he had another one in him.

so he'll lead the boys out onto the field and in 60 minutes they will crush the patriots, ruining both the pats' perfect season and making tom brady look like the punk that he is.

it's kind of amazing when you think about it. favre is the last man standing from his generation of quarterbacks. all the other "elite" quarterbacks -- tom brady, peyton and eli manning, and i'll MAYBE, begrudgingly, give you carson palmer even though he is a whiny little jerk -- are younger, having played most or all of their careers in the 2000s. favre belongs to the 90s generation, which gave us, most notably, john elway, troy aikman, steve young, dan marino and favre.

brady and favre facing off in a superbowl is kinda like if the san francisco 49ers of the 80s had a chance to play the 49ers of the 90s. a steve-young-quarterbacked team versus a joe-montana-quarterbacked team. its hard to believe how awesome that would be.

it's a shame, but from superbowl winning teams, you usually remember the quarterbacks and maybe the wide receivers.

if the packers were to lose, it would be devastating. it would be like the movie "rudy" ending without rudy making that tackle. brett would probably slink off into retirement, tail between his legs, and be remembered as just another victim on tom brady's trail to the hall of fame.

but they won't! the packers will win and it will be a fitting end to favre's career. he'll prove that the old school is better than the new school, and that brady might be great but he'll never be as great as favre, which is true.

also, fun fact, if the packers beat the patriots in the superbowl, favre will have won both his last and his first superbowl against the same team.

go packers!

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