Thursday, January 17, 2008


i've never been more unhappy about only having mediocre guitar skills.

i'm at reporter's, where the population is me, sometimes alicia, and the friends of the bartender. right now they're sitting around the table across the room, rocking out on an electric guitar. there's the one who tries to talk to me, but only speaks Czech. he's playing right now. earlier they were playing "smoke on the water," but now i can't tell. he's wearing a ski cap and sunglasses. his friends are "pink mohawk guy" and the other guy who is here all the time. his shirt says "i am not a tourist."

i've spent a lot of time with these people but know nothing about them because i don't speak Czech. in a perfect world, i'd be able to go over, grab the guitar and play something for them. and then maybe we'd be friends, even though we aren't able to talk.

i find this problem a lot in my life -- wishing i had in real life the skills i have in my daydreams.

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